Sunday, June 21, 2009

Experiencing India - Bangalore

Pictures of Bangalore and NOC India workshop kept popping up when I received the appreciation dinner invitation from NOC. Though it was just one week, from the very first day, I started to feel the uniqueness of this city. After an hour ride from airport to ECC, the hostel that we stayed, I had a strong doubt if I was in the right place, the Silicon Valley of India, as high-rise or modern office buildings were hardly found…


The answer was revealed after visiting various Tech parks where MNC like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, GE are located. These Tech parks, like International Tech Park, Bangalore, managed by Ascendas, have world class facilities, including, office space, communication infrastructure, power generators, water tanks and some even with shopping malls, hotel and garden. However, these Tech Parks are scattered in different areas of the city, mostly in developing region. We even saw cow and road side store selling coconuts just next to Tech Park, giving an interesting reflection of the development of the city.

(@ Infosys)

From a series of company visit, including TCS and Infosys, it gave me a better concept of the evolution of IT industry from body shopping to BPO to business consultancy in which every step consolidated their position and opened up new opportunity. In IIM (Indian Institute of Management), we met energetic entrepreneurs developing product for local market. They target on the growth of India and upcoming need on infrastructure, consumer products, entertainment...

(@ IIM)

Before the workshop, I learnt that India is very successful in BPO due to i) a large population of English speaker, ii) good higher education, especially for engineering and scientific research in Bangalore, iii) young (~ 25 years old) and cheap work force. After that, I am convinced that they extend their advantage into next level and will innovate new products for the unique internal demands.

Lastly, there are still a lot of barriers on the path. The one most obvious is traffic…. Traffic jam is horrible and vehicles can hardly move. I cannot imagine a 20 min ride finally take us an hour. Now, I have moved to Mumbai for my summer intern in Kreeda, a MMOG operator and developer. See you next week.

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