Saturday, June 27, 2009

Enter the Silicon Valley of India

Let me start off by thanking those at SoC for allowing Theepan and myself to be able to be share our unforgettable experiences in India to all you readers.

First, both Theepan and myself have a wealth of experiences from India to share with everyone, but at the same time, we would like to give you an insight into the amazing country through the peephole of two different perspectives (hopefully). Being an avid photographer, I also do hope I will be able to portray our journey through my photographs.

I have been to India once before and quite coincidentally, it was also a school trip but as a community project. Thus, with prior experiences (food poisoning included), I was eager to visit the country I fell in love with just a couple years earlier.

With much excitement and a relatively uneventful flight, we landed in Bangalore International Airport. Yes; the common misconception is that India's infrastructure is very poor with its high level of poverty and to an extent, it may be true. However BIA is a testament to India's growing economy.

Though traveling the roads of India can a long process, anywhere from an hour or 2 or even more, I have always found it to be an eye-opening experience and no two journeys are the ever the same.

Traveling away from the hustle and bustle from the city, we arrived at this quaint, little corner of Bangalore to our humble lodging, the Ecumenical Christian Centre. As peaceful as it is, ECC is also located within Whitefield, where all the major companies like Hewlett-Packard, Tata Consulting Services, Accenture, General Electric and many more are just a stone throw away. Getting back to ECC, the land space it covers is pretty big and is an adventure just exploring the place. I could not have ask for any place better.

Theepan has already touched on the topics discussed in our in class lectures thus I will not mention them here. However I would like to also take this chance to thank Prof. Parameshwar P. Iyer from IISc (Indian Institute of Science) for being one of the driving force in this great pioneer program. Secondly to thank Rev. J.R. Paul Singh and the rest of the staff of ECC, who took such great care of us and making us feel so at home in a foreign country.

Prof. Parameshwar P. Iyer

Look forward to my Day 2 post soon!

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