Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knowledge Community (K-Comm)

K-Comm is a knowledge-sharing community where NUS student, staff member, alumnus or alumna, can come to seek answers to your questions and to be linked to people who might know the answers you are seeking. As the name suggests, you, as members, can form communities and group with like-minded people, as per your areas of interest. If you're a student, you can "connect" to seniors who have taken a particular module, and you, as seniors, can help your juniors.

Features of K-Comm include:

- social networking aspects
- user profiling as per your interests
- interface to ask questions and get answers
- identifying your expertise in areas you didn't realize
- groups
- blogs

Instead of stereotyping experts and novices, K-Comm is built on the belief that every individual is an expert in one area or other. Through the process of helping other people and discovering your areas of expertise, it should help enhance the self-worth of each one of us using K-Comm.

NUS will formally launch K-Comm in the coming semester, but is opening it up to you for a preview of what you can expect.

Please visit http://k-comm.tk to register!

I'll let the pictures do the talking