Thursday, December 9, 2010

“Imagine, create and share”

...was Dr Bimlesh Wadhwa’s introductory message this afternoon as a score or so Junior College students peered across the lab.

Yup...we were Scratch-ing once again! This time, with collegians who were here for a workshop as part of the Science Focus programme. The workshop was meant to introduce concepts of programming and computation using the Scratch programming language by MIT.

In a similar workshop we had in May, we spread the learning concepts over four days. Our students today braved the same concepts in less than four hours. Mere minutes into the workshop we noticed interesting animations materialize using code blocks introduced just a while ago. We have to say we are impressed with their drive for experimentation, considering the little time they had to acquaint themselves with basic programming concepts.

We hope the students had as meaningful and fun a time at the workshop as we had conducting it!

Forever imagine, programme and share.

The collegians.

Working on the Scratch cards.

- Bimlesh & Juliana
Photos courtesy of Mr See Sin Hon.