Friday, June 26, 2009

Glåd midsommar

First, I would like to thank Juliana for giving us the chance to contribute our thoughts in this blog. I would like to start things off on a lighter note by describing our brief trip to Dalarna:Rattvik for Midsummer day. The happiest and brightest day of the year before it gets darker again. Althoughthe weather was bad(raining) in the morning, we enjoyed an extremely good evening with the sun setting at only 10:10pm.

To summarise, Dalarna is the place to be in Midsummer as people gather there to celebrate the traditional midsummer processions which consist of raising the Maypole. Afterwhich, was followed by a tiring 1 hour folk dance around the pole which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The day ended by the cosy cottage and "enjoying" pickled harriers. The taste was horrendous to be honest. It smelt like sewage and taste worst in your mouth. Just breathing your own breathe, makes you will feel like vomiting.

A short and pleasant beginning for my first blog post. Like what Vik has mentioned, we will describe both our experience and skills learnt during our time in Stockholm so stay tune for more exciting posts... Once again, please approach any of us if you have any requests. We are more than willing to help.

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