Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An "All-Out" Affair!

3rd day of the workshop and this day, we have a full itinerary out! We visit 2 companies, first being Astra Zeneca in the morning, and the other Cognizant in the afternoon.

Astra Zeneca is a large pharmaceutical company, which is currently focusing their resources worldwide on tuberculosis drug discovery. The lecture in Astra Zeneca gave us an insight into the theories behind their work as well as tuberculosis. However, there was little or no information given to us about the company and its work ethics until we had time for our Q&A. In addition, we were not permitted to enter the labs due to safety and security reasons. Thus, we were unable to take away much from this visit.

After a stopover for lunch back at our lodging, ECC, we headed back out for the huge IT services company, Cognizant. Their focus is on providing business with IT capabilities to strengthen themselves in their respective industries. The company gave us a slight insight into various kinds of outsourcing like BPOs, KPOs, Cosourcing and Insourcing, which Theepan has touched on in his post.

On a side note, the speaker was one of the Directors in the company and in his presentation to us, through his behaviour, it gave me a picture into the working culture there. As we posed questions about the company to him, very often he would not answer the question directly and eventually digress. Also he tended to have a superiority complex when he spoke to either his colleagues or us, the guests. We came to a presumption that employees there are probably used to such a culture of "You do not question your boss".

Later in the evening, it was time for some R&R and our first trip to the main shopping district, M.G. Road & Brigade Road. It felt a lot like the Orchard Road of Singapore with a ton of designer labels and other familiar brands. There we met up with the rest of the May batch of NUS students in Bangalore, where the brought us to a great (and very spicy) Indian restaurant for dinner.

More on the streets on India.

Our driver & one of the nicest persons I've ever met, anywhere in the world.

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