Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Experiencing India

I have been a regular reader of this blog for some time, but I have never thought I'll ever get the chance to write here. But lately, things just sort of worked out and wham, I am writing my first post in the SoC blog.

A little bit of introduction - I'm Tania, a second-going-to-third-year Computer Engineering student (). I'm currently in an adventurous 2.5-month journey in Bangalore under the new NOC Experience India program.

There are two types of involvement in this program. The one Edison (the other current guess blogger) and I are involved in comprises a 1-week pre-internship workshop and a 2-month internship. The other one is a 1-week workshop, without internship.

An interesting fact I just noticed is that all the current contributors (bloggers and twitterers) to this blog are in Bangalore this NOC Experience India program. Well, for all of you readers who haven't been to India, hopefully what we share here will let you know a bit more about India. And for those who have been to India or are in fact Indians, please help us in our attempt to share our India experience :)

Okay, this post is mainly for introduction. I'll start sharing my India experience in my next post :)

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