Monday, August 17, 2009

SoC graduate Orientation Day

Hi, how's first week of class? As the new semester has arrived, our campus is filled with energy and noise again. In orientation week, we have welcomed new SoC post-graduates by a series of events, including games, campus tour, talks and of course, nice food. Here are some photographs of the event:
Campus tour @ YIH
Campus tour @ Central Library

One of the highlight in campus tour is the chance to interview Prof Mohan. We have asked number of questions, from calligraphy in Prof Mohan's office to research and course related. Prof Mohan has shared with us his research experience and view on the quality needed (which all of them can be acquired from our program :) ).

Interviewing Prof. Mohan

Current students are joining us for tea and dinner. Nice sharing :P

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Europe Trip

My Summer Itinerary: Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris - Nice - Rome - Firenze - Rimini - PISA.

Trips to these places were planned by Interrailing which meant that no flights were booked and with the purchase of the magical rail ticket, we were able to take all trains around Europe at a minimum fee. As we initially planned our trip, everything seems challenging. We are almost at the tip of Europe(Stockholm) and the plan was to make our way down to the south of Europe (Italy). The amount of trains routes to plan and change was enough to dampen our mood.

However, once the trip began, we never looked back! Rushing from 1 place to another with our 60 litres backpack was extremely taxing yet adventurous. From the messiness of Amsterdam to the chocolates of Brussels, the romantic Paris, blue beaches of NICE, Rome's extravagant Colosseum, subdued Firenze, fine sparkling sand of Rimini and the leaning Tower of PISA. Every city exposed us to its distinctive yet unique cultures. So much so that we made a MTV from our trip in Europe. As the saying goes 'A picture tells a thousand words and a video explains the unexplainable', I will let the pictures do most of the talking and the video describe our europe story!