Friday, May 21, 2010

Scratch Days @ SoC

Good morning!! We are eagerly expecting a group of students from Nanyang Girls' High School (NYGH) today. These bright folks are here to kick off the first day of their 2010 sabbatical module. What's a sabbatical module? Prof Gary Tan is happy to enlighten us all:

Every year in May, NYGH secondary 3/4 students embark on an intensive one-week sabbatical. The objective of the sabbatical is to enhance the students' knowledge in the IT field outside of school curriculum. Examples of sabbaticals include Animation, Gaming, Video Editing, etc.

Since 2009, some of NYGH students have been coming to SoC for their sabbaticals; last year, SoC offered Serious Games where some 25 students participated. This year, we will be offering Programming with Scratch (21-27 May). This sabbatical is timely as it coincides nicely with the Scratch Day organized by MIT.

So, yes! This year we are running one whole week of Scratch Days. Dr Bimlesh Wadhwa will train the NYGH students on programming concepts using Scratch as a tool. We'll update the blog as each day unfolds. MIT and a host of Scratchers worldwide are having theirs this Saturday; here is a teaser for that:

If by now you're scratching your head over what Scratch is, well, some things we should see for ourselves. Hop over to, or better, join us at Programming Lab 2, at SoC any day from 21, 24 - 27 May, 11am - 2pm.

That is it for now. We promise to share Scratch Day 1 @ SoC by the evening.

More information on NYGH sabbaticals here.

- Bimlesh & Juliana

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leonghw said...

Just met the 25 NYGH girls and their teacher, Ms Ang Wee Ling. The session with Prof. Bimlesh has started.