Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scratch Day 4 @ SoC

Project presentations are up tomorrow and so we see a lot of serious Scratching today. Inevitably, the more scripting, the more head scratching when things just don't seem to work. Welcome to the world of programming. Mistakes are a natural part of the learning and growing process. There is a term for the erroneous parts of scripts - we call them "bugs" and the act of correcting them is called "debugging". There is, by the way, an interesting story accompanying the etymology of software bugs. Curious? Check it out.

Here are a couple of notes for NYGH folks, the first is a debugging tip:
  • It helps sometimes to see exactly which block is running at a particular time. Go to Edit > Start Single Stepping and Scratch will highlight each block as the project runs. You may change the options for the highlights by going to Edit > Set Single Stepping.
  • Done with Projects and Remixes? Upload them! Once you are signed up at, upload and add the Projects and Remixes to the Scratch Days @ SoC 2010 gallery. Group Projects and Remixes should follow naming convention. If you have individual projects, whether it is an animated sprite or something more involved, they are very much welcome too!! The more projects/remixes/sprites the merrier, so share, share, share...

Serious stuff today.

Tomorrow we shall start with voting for Best Sprite and Best Poster, and after some final touches, will proceed with Project and Remix presentations. Til then!

- Bimlesh & Juliana

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