Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scratch Day 1 @ SoC

We had a little surprise in the morning after the inaugural posting on Scratch Days @ SoC. Turns out that Prof Leong Hon Wai was heading for NYGH to conduct a Scratch workshop in conjunction with the upcoming code::XtremeApps::2010. In the Junior category of the competition, participants will develop their programs in Scratch. Prof Leong is at NYGH to train students as mentors to their juniors who are participating in code::XtremeApps. So, in the very same morning there were Scratch-related exchange visits between the same two institutions!

Anyway, as promised, the events of Day 1: We started the session with a little icebreaker and shared some of our thoughts and interests. As all 25 girls are of the millennial generation, we were not surprised that most expressed familiarity with blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Some have shared that they know little about computer programs beyond the knowledge that they make computers work.

Dr Bimlesh giving an overview of Scratch Days 1-5.

Dr Bimlesh soon started on the introduction to Scratch, leading the students to work on exercises in seven Scratch Cards. The NYGH folks very soon began to browse the Scratch site for more projects. Some tested out block controls beyond those in the Scratch Cards, and many created sprites of their own. Here are some discoveries peered over shoulders:

Shi Hui editing and animating a sprite.

Wan Ting gets SpongeBob to chase a swimming jellyfish. Look closely, SpongeBob is mousedrawn!

Yes, come to SoC we have. Feel the force do you?

Thus went Day 1. In the next four days, we look forward to students' personal and group work on Sprite, Project Remix, Scratch Day Poster and of course the group Scratch project! [Psst NYGH girls, if you are reading this: We also hope to learn more about each of you beyond the fact that you like milk tea, chocolates, Conan, ants (but that you really in fact, dislike), money, black colour and so forth =)]

To NYGH girls and their mentor Ms Ang Wee Ling, we look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

- Bimlesh & Juliana

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