Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scratch Day 3 @ SoC

It's Sprite and Scratch Day Poster presentation day! Since we are also counting down to Project and Remix presentations on Thursday, here are more Scratch tips to begin the day with:
  • To see what a block does, right click on it and select "help".
  • Look out for Scratch video tutorials online. There are a few at the Scratch website.
  • Want to make a movie? Learn how to change scenes, narrate a story, and more here.
  • Like a project you see at the Scratch website? Sign up for an account to download the project. Once you are logged in, the download link will be visible at the top right corner. You may also upload your work from the Scratch application. Go to Share > Share this project online.

The session today is just as bustling as yesterday's. We definitely see more use of blocks and scripts, and many create very interesting animations. Some are now very adept at using broadcasts and loops to manage sprite behaviours. One has gone ahead and implemented scoring in today's Scratch Card exercise. Team Orroz has completed their group project two days ahead of time! We take peeks at many other projects at work and really can't wait to see the final versions.

There are no photos on the projects today - let's just save the best for last shall we?

"How can I make my cat jump?"

Team Premium ITCHY Milk Tea and Team Tea Bags T-Rex

Effective Scratching needs a full stomach.

The Nanyang girls have also submitted their Sprites and Posters. Once we get our hands on them they will be up on the blog.

That's all for the day! Tomorrow we will work with pens and continue with sensors and variables. Friday is solely dedicated to group Project and Remix presentations. Juliana uploaded a project to the Scratch site - take a look for a peek at what's to come the next two days.

To NYGH folks: if you have uploaded projects to the site, let us know too!

- Bimlesh & Juliana

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