Saturday, January 31, 2009

Me, Myself and SoC...

Hi all,

just a little bit of ego at work, i'll like to introduce myself. My name is Yap Neng Giin, matriculated in 2003, graduated in the class of 2008. Yeah... i hang around in SoC for 5 years (but not quite). In short, studied 3 years, got a little sicked and tired of computing, took a spin in Shanghai via NOC (that'll be another story) and then finally got my ass back to SG to complete my CEC course.

For the first 3 years, i was hanging around SoC more with the Computing Club. Once in a while, i get itchy-handed and nosy with the 26th/27th NUSSU Council . Of course, i remember the escapades with my friends from the C3 (C-Cube, an unofficial body within the NUSSU Council ). Anyone of you remember the time about a few years ago, Prof Shih and Uni admin was talking about fee hikes and some anonymous group of ppl sprouted the idea of black t-shirts and flash-mob at the University hall. The flash mob did not happen, but on that designated thurs or fri, which i can't remember, there were many black t-shirts worn. (Then again, on an average usual day in school, many black t-shirts are worn anyway... duh)

Shanghai story happened on my fourth year.

On my Year 5, pretty much was about my HYP, the part-time job(which took up too much time), and the free campus stay role of an Resident Assistant in Ridge View Residences, OKR.

Seriously, if i get to name the degree i grad with, i would proudly call it, "Bachelor of Student Activites (Major in Computing Club, Minor in Resident Assistant)"

Okie, will try to dig out some photos and share with you ppl...

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