Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The art of getting more users on almost any site

I have to admit that I am still learning this one. But at least I hope to share some of the ways that we used went we started the site. That grew from the very initial group of less than ten users, to its first hundred, then thousand and counting…

Left: Getting users' attention (Image Courtesy http://leadinganswers.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/01/27/computer_users.jpg)

1. Be Thick Skin, Be proud, Be Excited (of your site)!

For me, this is the MOST important aspect. If you are convinced about your site, don’t be shy to talk to others about this site. Especially in front of friends and family. As Asians, most of us tend to be shy and humble and would not talk about our little baby. Don’t be!

Be proud of it, especially if anyone asked you questions like: “What are you doing now”. Be specific, tell them for example, “I started this exciting online auction site www.chupr.com do support and check it out!” and not say things like, “Oh I started something small online…”

If you are not convinced about your own site, you cannot convince others, and you may not even be able to convince yourself. Which questions the very existence of the site. So remember, Be Thick Skin, Be Proud, Be Excited! If you don’t, no one else would! =)

2. Live, Breathe, Preach
One word that can replace the above heading would be passion. But passion is too general. I prefer to give more specifics. To share it better, I think it would be best to relate to starting www.chupr.com .

Right: Something funny about acquisition if you have the cash (Image courtesy http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/img/2007/10/google-comic1.jpg)

When we started ChupR, Hanyang and I were thinking about ChupR,
Putting it on our MSN nicknames, facebook (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=38739594397) and any other place we can “advertise”. In addition, whenever I see anyone, even a stranger. Sometimes, I would tell them about ChupR. There are repercussions of this passion though, you may be seen as a hard sell. So do not try too hard, just a mention will do, if the party is willing to listen, then you can share more of your passion! =)

3. Any publicity is good publicity – At least for a start.
No matter what kind of publicity you get, it will be good for your site for a start! Good publicity is of course what everyone is after. But
Bad publicity? Take it positively. It can help you improve and in fact, some bad publicity actually generates more interest.

JUMP at every opportunity to market or share your site. This is one of the motivation behind me sharing with you how www.chupr.com
Started and grew. So in this way, sharing with you guys ChupR on this blog is one good way to market the site as well. =)

Look out for the next post: The (Almost) Zero Dollar Marketing Challenge! (what to start something with nothing? Then you should really look out for this post, read and practice it!)

Centre: It is not really cheap to get and retain users... (Image Courtesy http://www.callcentercomics.com/call-center-comic-67.JPG)


chanyip said...

yoyoyo! a great post! :)

Angela said...

Hey Renzhi and partners, it is always tough during the initial phase of any new start-up.. bUt don't giVE up ok?! Never Ever Say diE.. Believe that it will eventually become better and ChupR will definitely get more exposure in time to come.. dun worry!!

I wish you gd luck and all the best!!