Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 'Niu' Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

For all those who had been watching this space, apologies for the quietness for the last days... :p Oops... My bad... I don't have much excuses.

But I guess, for all those ppl who will celebrate the Lunar New Year (aka. CNY), you will have your first CNY where find yourself no longer a kid nor a student. The good news is that if you are still single, your eligibility for ang-bao remains valid. The bad news, you are somewhat motivated to contribute a portion of your monthly salary to your family's "CNY Celebration Fund"

One of the things that did surprise me this year is the amount of time and effort placed into the celebration of CNY. I think the overall work involved in the celebration for CNY remains constant all the years. Therefore, the only 2 possible explanation i can think of are: 1) I was not so involved in the spring cleaning, goodies shopping, etc previously on the excuse of the heavy school work load and stressful deadlines. 2) I actually had more leisure time as a student as compared to the life of a working class folk.

Either ways, i can't decide and will leave it that way...

Just take note, that we do know that there is a gloom in the air, and everyone's taking about the crisis. I hope you guys saw the budget report and know how to read between the lines. (It's going to get tough in Singapore)

Initially, i thought that most probably, people will be so concerned, that they would forgo the CNY celebration to save some money. (I was expecting close-to-zero ang bao income this year). People would stay home this CNY as to avoid situations where Red packets have to change hands. Thankfully, i was so wrong. IMO, i thought this CNY saw more commuters betweens the HDBs more than before. I myself had found the few days of CNY to be a hectic adventure of 'Knowing the HDB Estates in Singapore Better'.

On a very serious note: This CNY got me thinking. (4 non-working days really give thinking space) Yeah, the buzz words right now more or less spells the bad climate in the marketplace. As people, we tend to get really really stressed and negative about all things: like how it's going to affect our plans to buy our dream more-than-luxurious cars, bigger-than-istana houses, or sleeker-than-iphones mobile...

While all these are valid concerns, as i believe it is right for ppl to have aspirations. At the same time, do give the due appreciation and thanksgiving for all the good things we already have... One thing i am truly glad this CNY is find my family and my extended family (aunties, uncles and cousins whom u see once a year and ask too much nosy questions) and friends to be able to celebrate the passing of the previous year and embracing the hope of this year to come. Paraphrasing words from my current big boss, "... it is joy to be able to tell your family and your loved ones that you are doing fine and hearing the same of them..."

I wish all the SoCians, now, graduated and future incoming the very best in this year to come. I'm doing fine, hope it's going well for you too! Drop a comment or 2 and let one another know that it's been good for you too!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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