Monday, July 6, 2009

Experience India! Day 7

Day 5 and 6 were full of joy. And now we are back to some serious business, on Day 7 and 8 (the last day), we had ONLY site visits. It’s still not so bad as we got to relax on the way to the companies and then we transformed into nerds again taking down notes in the companies. And one more thing which I’d like to share, the company visits are usually fun as we get to learn new things.

On day 7, we had site visits lined up for us. In the first part of the day, we traveled to Mindtree Consulting, Bangalore but it was pretty far. We also traveled on the new national highway which stretches from Bangalore to Mumbai, unlike other Indian roads, this highway was very smooth and even, so we didn’t have a bumpy ride. Mindtree Consulting is one of the fastest growing IT and R&D Services company.
MindTree is a unique organization and, their mission is:

- Successful Customers
- Happy People
- Innovative Solutions

The moment I entered Mindtree’s premise, I felt the presence of a strong and unique culture there. Then I learnt that every MindTree Mind is driven by CLASS, the acronym for our core values of Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing, and Social Responsibility. Even Mindtree’s logo was designed by a student of a school run by the Spastics Society of Karnataka. Mindtree trains fresh graduates within the same premise where the conditions are conducive to learning. I like the environment, wherever we went, we saw many colourful and cheerful paintings on the walls by the students of schools run by Spastic Society of Karnataka. Mindtree has adopted an entirely new concept and approach which encourages Innovation. In addition, Mindtree also sends out magazines to the parents of the employees (most of them are young and active) to give them an insight of the happenings in the company. The company ensures that every individual is well taken care of and promotes team work. These are the key factors for the company to excel and stand out in this competitive market.

In the second part of the day, instead of visiting a company, we visited a Manipal Hospital. Prior to the Manipal Hospital visit, we were told that they’ll be covering more on the entrepreneurial aspect of the hospital. But what we learnt were their services and facilities. Most of Manipal’s doctors are well- qualified ones who have served in overseas hospitals (US, UK, Canada and etc). Manipal hospital provides free and concessional services to the needy also. The Department of Social Service is responsible for granting this concessional care after evaluating the patients who require or ask for such free and concessional care. In spite of the frequent blackouts, there are attractive features that the hospital provides to their patients and patients’ family members. For instance, in their Ultra Deluxe Rooms, there is wireless internet connection, a telephone, a television and a controllable air- conditioner. Manipal Hospital’s physiotherapy treatments are so much affordable, unlike the cost of physiotherapy in other developed countries. The hospital’s physiotherapy department owns state of the art physiotherapy equipment to treat their patients also. And believe me or not, there’s an equipment to treat patients’ with severe back problems and the doctors guarantee a 100% cure depending on the individuals. I was really convinced by that statement. What makes the hospital to stand out is the abundance of hospitality. Unlike Singaporean hospitals, this hospital has an idol of Lord Ganesh, the god of wisdom and the remover of obstacles, which shows that religion, plays a big role in every Indian’s life. Manipal Hospital is contributing significantly to the growth of Indian Medical Tourism.

You may visit Manipal’s website also to find out more about them:

And don’t forget to check out the
Symptom Checker in Manipal’s website, it’s cool.

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