Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An "All-In" Affair!

Just as the day before was spent entirely outside of the lodging, this day would be on the contrary! This sunny Friday was spent indoors, having quite a number of guests speakers coming down to give us more insights into India, Bangalore and business in this country.

The lecturers today were as followed;

- Prof. Iyer on “Doing business in India: Opportunities and Challenges”
- Mr. Bringi Dev on “Spotting the "Landmines In India"
- Prof. K. Kumar on “Building Entrepreneurs”
- Mr. Jayesh Chakravarthi on "Global Recession and India’s response"
- Prof. Thomas Binford on “Starting up in Bangalore”

As you can tell it was a pretty long day and at times the points had overlapped each other between presentations. However, saturated as we were, we definitely took back quite a bit of relevant information from this day. To briefly summarise as what Theepan has explained in detail, some key points we learnt were;

- Understanding in detail how the Global Recession occured and how it has affected India and the world.
- Pros & Cons of doing business in India
- Do's & Don'ts of doing business in India
- Requirements of doing business in India
- Some readings to take away, "Only the Paranoid Survive" by Andy Grove

Mr Bringi Dev

Dr. K. Kumar

Prof. Thomas O. Binford

In the evening, we went out for some R&R to a nearby area known as Marathahalli, which was more or less the area for getting your branded goods at wholesale prices. It was not as developed as M.G. Road or Brigade Road, but it was much more affordable. We didn't spend too much time out this evening as we had to start preparing for our presentations on Monday and the drivers were late for almost 2 hours whilst coming to bring us out.

On a side note, some of us managed to meet the sweet family of one of the employees of the lodging we stayed at. They lived in a simple home right at ECC's compound. Here I would like you to met the humble Jabaraj and his 2 sons, Ezekiel & Ezra.



The weekend was now in our sights and we were as excited as little schoolboys & girls! We definitely have a totally different side of India to present to you in the upcoming posts.

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