Sunday, November 23, 2008

How iPhone Changed My Life

It's been a while. Had quite a rough week. Anyway, here's me blogging again for the last few days for this week.

Ever since I saw the iPhone in one of the Keynote, I was totally sold. I knew I need to get one. I waited for the iPhone 3G to be here in Singapore and gotten myself a unit.
No word can describe how the iPhone has changed my life. It's elegantly built and comes with everything that I need.

I no longer start my laptop unless I need to do more heavy duty stuff like assignments or surfing, else I can survive with my iPhone just fine.

I would like to show you what I do with my iPhone, so let me share with you a glimpse of my life and see how the iPhone has changed my life.

*Warning! Picture intensive post ahead*

First Thing in the Morning

The alarm wakes me up

Go to Home screen of my iPhone

Check Email of the day

Check Notes for ToDo or any other reminder

Check today's event on Calendar

Read updated feeds from my Google Reader

Check Facebook updates (Hello Neng Giin and Adeline, if you happen to read this =) )

Check Twitter for Tweets from my friends

Peep through what people nearby me say

When I am bored

Read some classics

Feed some fishy and play with them

Play some Games

When I feel like a Shutter-bug

My most loved App - CameraBag

When I am going out

This week is not a good time to go out... Good for me as it's Reading Week.

Check my directions or whereabouts

When I need help

So that I won't miss any special events, Keynote timing

Call out for help when you forgot that Scientific Calculator for that final exams

When you need that extra vocabulary

Solve the frustrations of not being able to figure out the song that is at the tip of your tongue but you just can't recall or that song without lyrics that is on the radio or playing in the shop sound system.


This is how I use my iPhone. Tempted to get one yet?


Mohammed Al-Asmar said...

It's nice how you conclude ur day wth iPhone , may I know the last app name which guess the song name ?

SoC Guest Blogger said...

It's called Midomi, you can get it free from the AppStore

Madelyn said...

How do you get the Google reader? That looks cool. . .

chris said...

I would use this one:

(Direct link: