Friday, October 10, 2008

On Technopreneurship

“It’s reasonable to think that because you achieve something, even very little, there is the great temptation to quit taking risks.”

I quote this line from Donald R. Keough, the former President of the Coca-cola company, in his book “The Ten Commandments for Business Failures”. It is one of my favorite books which not only taught me important lessons on entrepreneurship but also lessons in life. I found the book close to heart as it points out that for most of the time, people tend to focus on the things they can do for success more than the things they should not do to avoid failures, which may be equally important in making a difference in our lives. And the top commandment from the thought leader was to “quit taking risks”.

While risk-taking takes many forms, such as relocating to a foreign country for career, entering a different industry, etc, mine took the form of pursuing entrepreneurship after graduation. I co-founded Dream Axis Pte Ltd with a partner from the industry with a core purpose to develop virtual space as a mainstream media channel. Prior to starting my own company, I was actively gaining industrial experience in the digital marketing industry (my identified area of interests) while I was an undergraduate. I was working with international digital advertising agencies and IT solutions companies, creating and delivering business media for corporations such as Microsoft, Palm and Singapore Airlines. During this time, I had also took a year off to attend the NUS Overseas College in Shanghai, and working full-time as a Marketing Supervisor at Fractalist China Inc., a mobile media and marketing company where I was engaged in the launches of various mobile marketing campaigns for multinational clients, such as Volkswagen and Nokia. These pursuits beyond the textbooks eventually build up to important experiences and networks for my new venture.

I hope to exchange more stories and thoughts with like-minded friends on entrepreneurship, or technopreneurship, in the coming posts. I would also like to relay my special thanks to Alexia and Juliana on your invitation to be part of this blog.

- Winne

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