Monday, December 22, 2008

First Singapore made Xbox Live Community Game Launched!

Before I get to the news, let me introduce myself. I'm Bruce Chia, 4th year undergraduate from Computer Science. My main interest lies in games and I aspire to be a full-fledged game developer. I have developed over 20 flash games, some of which are freelance projects with local web companies (I'll reveal more in future posts). Mostly I work on the code while someone else does the art and game design.

The latest game that I have worked on is currently breaking the news, and it is called CarneyVale Showtime. In the game, you play as Slinky, a circus acrobat trying to rise up the ranks by performing acrobatic tricks and death-defying stunts through increasingly complex arenas. The game has recently won the Dream-Build-Play 2008 challenge organized by Microsoft, beating over 350 entries from about 100 countries. You may read more here: .

The game has just been launched today and can be bought over the XBox Live Community Games (XBLCG) channel at USD $5 (400 Microsoft points) about SGD $8. The game was made in 4 months with team of 7 including myself.

Go here for more information on the game:

And here to see the game on sale:

Come back tomorrow for behind-the-scenes updates about the game!

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Wow.. I have a friend that's a student in NUS. Well I can only say congratulation and keep on innovating more games!! This is great :)

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